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While sharing with mutual passion and curiosity Dominique et Aurélie discovered the numerous links between kundalini yoga and Chinese medicine, both thousand years old traditions.
From these early enthusiastic conversations was born the desire to share with you


Dominique or the yin side of the force: Her calm and serenity are contagious.
Dominique has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and teaches kundalini yoga since 2017 in Geneva and abroad. Her global and soft approach allows you to discover yourself through your body. Kundalini yoga is a yoga that works at the energetic level, its poses are quite simple but surprisingly powerful. No need to be flexible or athletic to practice. This yoga is accessible to all.


When Aurélie reveals the Yang side of the force, you are carried away by her enthusiasm and her vision on health.
Passionate about Chinese medicine for over 10 years, Aurélie is acupuncturist and has founded Family Acupuncture, a health center at the heart of Geneva.
She accompanies mainly women and children, providing them with appropriate solutions to improve their health and vitality.
She has solidarity fees in order to allow everyone to take their health into their hands.

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